Lens Testing Hall of Fame


This list is generated from my existing lens test data. The resolution numbers are listed as an MTF10 in lw/ph (line widths/picture height). The sharpness numbers are MTF50 in the same units. Corner sharpness is the loss of sharpness in the corner vs. the center in % (low numbers are best). All of the numbers are interpolated from existing data since most of the time there is no testing done for an individual lens at that specific magnification. Sharpness/resolution numbers are normalized to a D300s standard since many were tested on the D200. The adjustment is based on testing multiple lenses at multiple magnifications with both cameras and coming up with the average differences at each magnification.

Overall ranking is accomplished by averaging the ranking for each lens in the sharpness, resolution, and corner sharpness list. The corner sharpness ranking is changed to a 1 to 5 ranking for each lens based upon the corner sharpness categories in my lens tests.