Custom Coin Photo Service


Cost: $10/coin + return shipping costs. I tend to ship priority insured for less than $500 value and registered for >$500.

Process: You send your coins to me and I take photographs of them, raw or slabbed. I will clean and shine the slabs to the best of my ability (I can only do so much with heavily scratched slabs). I will image the coins and send you proofs by E-Mail or post them to my webspace. If you don't like the initial images, I'll work to get the look that you're after. Once we decide that the images are good, I'll create final images and send the coins back to you. After the final images are produced, I can send them to you by E-Mail, post them to my webspace, or burn them on a CD/DVD. I keep originals of all the images that I take, so if you need a different size or format in the future, I can help you out.

Number of Coins: I don't like to work with too many more than 10 or 20 at a time to avoid confusion.

Time to Image: I'll image them as quickly as I can, but I do have other costomers that keep me busy. Please be patient. I can finish most work within a couple days. If I have more than one job going I may take a little longer. I don't want you to be away from you coins for too long.

Format: I can put the image into most any image format, but JPG is the most common.

Image Size: The original images tend to run in the 2500 x 2500 pixel size range. Most any size below that is fine. Composites of the obv and rev are also available. Black or other color backgrounds are optional

Typical Sizes (JPG):

400 x 400: 50k file size
500 x 500: 100k file size
700 x 700: 200k file size
1200 x 1200: about 500k file size
450 x 900 obv/rev composite: 150k file size

Contact Me:


CU coin forum ID: mgoodm3